25 Sep 2022
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In recent years challenges in the field of energy have become increasingly stringent and complex in terms of primary resources consumption and of pollutant emissions. Smart energy is the process of using devices and technologies for energy-efficiency while promoting eco-friendliness and driving down costs.

RENAC Power is a leading manufacturer of On Grid Inverters, Energy Storage Systems and a Smart Energy Solutions Developer. Thier track record spans over more than 10 years and covers the complete value chain. Their dedicated Research and Development team plays a pivotal role in the company structure and their Engineers constantly research develop redesign and test new products and solutions aiming at constantly improving their efficiency and performance for both the residential and commercial markets.

RENAC Power inverters consistently deliver higher yields and ROI and have become the preferred choice for customers in Europe, South America, Australia and South Asia, etc. With a clear vision and a solid range of products and solutions, RENAC Power remain at the forefront of Solar energy striving to support their partners addressing any commercial and business challenge.

  • More Than 10 Years Professional Experience
  • Power electronic topology design and real time controlling
  • Multi-Countries grid on Code and regulations
  • EMS integrated inside the inverter
  • PV self-consumption maximization
  • Load shifting and Peak shaving
  • FFR (Firm Frequency Response)
  • VPP (Virtual Power Plant)
  • Fully programmable for customized design
  • Real-time monitoring on cell
  • Battery management for high voltage LFP battery system
  • Coordinate with EMS to protect and prolong lifetime of batteries
  • Intelligent protection and management for battery system
Energy IoT
  • GPRS&WIFI data transfer and collection
  • Monitoring data visible via Web and APP
  • Parameters setting, system control and VPP realization
  • O&M platform for solar power and energy storage system

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